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Coaching for new parents

Coaching for new parents testimonials

Acquiring responsibility for another human being can have a profound impact on how we feel about ourselves, our work and the wider world. Some people find the decision about whether and how to return to work after maternity, paternity or adoption leave very challenging. Issues that are thrown up can include the impact on our identities, confidence and finances, as well as conflicted emotions about leaving our children with others. Part-time working can present new challenges in terms of juggling roles, and managing multiple priorities. Coaching provides valuable space to understand and explore these changes, increase clarity of thought and generate positive solutions.


Sessions can begin before, during or after leave, and can take place at a time of day or evening which suits you, ideally when you have uninterrupted time to focus on your own needs (although I have coached successfully with babies present too!)  Sessions normally last for one hour and can take place in person, by phone or on Skype.

Increasingly, employers are recognising the benefits of coaching for new parents: to have employees who feel supported and more confident in their work, enabling them to be happier, more effective and productive, and more likely to stay with the organisation. I have a fact sheet on benefits for employers available which may help you make the case - please contact me to request it. 

For more information, please also see my blog on maternity coaching.

"Returning to work after maternity leave is hugely unsettling and an emotional roller-coaster; you have helped support me through this rocky transition. These sessions have definitely helped me to consider this next chapter in my life with a more open attitude. I hope that many other women in my position returning to their work are lucky enough to have your support during this tricky time. Your guided support has allowed me to unlock many answers and come to many realisations on my own which is a hugely empowering experienceThank you for your kindness, professionalism and care."      


"The thought of returning to work after a year-long maternity leave was completely overwhelming. Incredibly after just an hour-long coaching session Charlotte Semlyen not only helped me overcome this panic, she enabled me to look forward in a positive way at the challenges that returning to work will present. I came out of my session with a very different perspective and some clear aims for moving forward. The time I spent with Charlotte gave me the 'space' I needed to work out how to tackle this next chapter in my life. I can't recommend Charlotte enough - she is a wonderful coach."  

Coaching Participant 

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